2022 - Col. Patrick J. Callahan

Col. Patrick J. Callahan

The Selection Committee has chosen Colonel Patrick J. Callahan as the Irishmanof the Year for 2022. Colonel Patrick J. Callahan was sworn in on October 31, 2017, asthe 14th Colonel of the New Jersey State Police. He has served more than 26 years withthe New Jersey State Police. He previously served as the Deputy Superintendent ofOperations overseeing nearly 1,800 road troopers assigned to State Police stationsthroughout the State. Prior to this assignment, Colonel Callahan served as the DeputySuperintendent of Administration. Previous assignments also included him serving asthe Commanding Officer of the Emergency Management Section as well as the RecoveryBureau Chief in the wake of Super Storm Sandy.

Colonel Callahan also served as the Chief Financial Officer for the New Jersey State Police and has held various assignments in the Administration Section overseeing budget and fiscal responsibilities associated with the Division. He had assignment to the Homeland Security Branch, assisting with federal homeland security funding awarded in the wake of 9/11. Prior to this assignment, Colonel Callahan served as a station detective and general road duty Trooper.

Colonel Callahan earned a Master’s Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson Universityand earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Villanova University. He is a graduate ofthe 243rd FBI National Academy Session where he was elected Session President.Colonel Callahan also served as the Chairman of the State Police Retirement SystemPension Board of Trustees. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Linda, for32 years and they have four children, Steven, Cassidy, Ryan, and Carrie Ann.

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