2011 - Thomas M. McCormack

Timmy McCormack – December 10, 2011

This year your Selection Committee has made a unique choice. The Committee has decided to pay tribute toа theа Honorableа Thomasа M. McCormack, J.S.C.а whoа passedа away on June 24, 2011.а Knownа to mostа ofа us as "Timmy", he had been previously nominated in an earlier meeting of the Committee. At our final meeting, the Selection Committee decided to honorа Judge McCormack, in spite of his passing.

Tim was admitted to the practice ofа lawа inа 1974а andа co-foundedа the firm of McGlynn, McGlynn and McCormack. He continued to practice law in various partnershipsа until December of 2001а when he was appointedа a Judgeа of the Superior Court of New Jersey, where he continued toа serveа untilа his death.

During his tenure as a practicing attorney, Tim served in a number of public and political offices.а Heа wasа electedа as a Freeholderа for Essex County in 1978 after serving as counsel to the Essex County Boardа of Freeholders forа 13 years. He also served as Labor Counsel for the cities of Newark and East Orange and the Townships of Irvington and West Orange.

Always proud of his Irish heritage, Tim served as counsel to the Newarkа St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee for 10 years and the West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. He was honored by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Oranges as the Young Irishman of the Year in 1980. Tim was a member of numerous Irish organizations including the Friendly Sons of The Shillelagh of the Jersey Shore, which was founded by Tim's brother, George.

Tim was married to his wife, Kay, for 40 years and has two children, Melissa and Michael. Kay continues to reside in Roseland where they raisedа their children.

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