2018 - Dennis Carey

Hon. Dennis F. Carey III

TheаSelection Committee has selected theаHonorable DennisаF.аCarey,аIllаasаyourаOutstandingаIrishmanаfor 2018.аJudgeаCarey recently retired as theаEssexаCounty Superior CourtаPresidingаCivilаDivisionаJudge,аinаwhich he earned the reputation as one of the mostаrespected Judgesаtoаholdаthatаprestigiousposition. Hisаresponsibility inаthatаposition wasаto manage theаentire CivilаDivisionаin theаEssexаCounty Court System.

Judge Carey graduatedаfromаSeton HallаPrep,аVillanovaаUniversityаand SetonаHall LawаSchool inа1978From 1977аuntilа1986, Dennisаwas associated with the law firm ofаDwyerаConnellаLisbonaаspecializingаinаCivil defenseаlitigationаandаbecameаpartnerаin theаfirm from 1986 untilа2003 when he was appointedаtoаtheаBench. Heаwas certified as a CivilаTrial Attorneyаby theаNew JerseyаSupreme Courtаinа1987.аHe initiallyаservedаinаthe CriminalаDivisionаuntil 2006 whenаheаwasаtransferred toаthe CivilаDivision,аwhere he servedаuntilаhis appointment as the CivilаPresiding Judgeаi2011.

Following his retirement in 2018, Dennis joined theаlawаfirm of TompkinsаMcGuireаWachenfeld and Barry,аLLPаwhereаheаwill serve as a mediatorаinаcomplex civil cases.

Judge Carey continuesаtoаserve as anаinstructor for the NewаJerseyаInstituteаof ContinuingаLegal Education teaching New JerseyаCivilаTrial Preparationаandаthe NewаJersey StateаBarаSkills andаMethodsаcourses.аDennisаwas a co-author of the OperatingаManual forаall NewаJerseyаCivilаPresiding Judgesаand served on theаfacultiesаofаthe JudicialаCollege andаthe EssexаCounty BarаAssociation.

JudgeаCarey's wife, Kathy, is aаteacher in theаLivingston School system.аThey haveа2 sons andаfourаgrandchildren.

Onceаagain,аthe Committee urgesаallаmembers to bring their sons,аrelativesаand friendsаto thluncheon to celebrate ourаIrishаHeritage. Asаtheyearsаgoаby,аour membershipаageand we tendаtforgetаand take forаgrantedаtheаqualities andаcharacteristicsаthat areаunique to theаIrish. TheаIrishаpeoplhaveаmade significant contributions to this Country, which have benefited all Americans. The younger generationаneedto be exposed toаtheseаqualitiesаand their attendanceаathis luncheon will give themаsucan opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you on December 8, 2018

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