2018 - Dennis Carey

Hon. Dennis F. Carey III

TheSelection Committee has selected theHonorable DennisF.Carey,IllasyourOutstandingIrishmanfor 2018.JudgeCarey recently retired as theEssexCounty Superior CourtPresidingCivilDivisionJudge,inwhich he earned the reputation as one of the mostrespected Judgestoholdthatprestigiousposition. Hisresponsibility inthatposition wasto manage theentire CivilDivisionin theEssexCounty Court System.

Judge Carey graduatedfromSeton HallPrep,VillanovaUniversityand SetonHall LawSchool in1978.From 1977until1986, Denniswas associated with the law firm ofDwyerConnell&LisbonaspecializinginCivil defenselitigationandbecameapartnerin thefirm from 1986 until2003 when he was appointedtotheBench. Hewas certified as a CivilTrial Attorneyby theNew JerseySupreme Courtin1987.He initiallyservedinthe CriminalDivisionuntil 2006 whenhewastransferred tothe CivilDivision,where he serveduntilhis appointment as the CivilPresiding Judgein2011.

Following his retirement in 2018, Dennis joined thelawfirm of TompkinsMcGuireWachenfeld and Barry,LLPwherehewill serve as a mediatorincomplex civil cases.

Judge Carey continuestoserve as aninstructor for the NewJerseyInstituteof ContinuingLegal Education teaching New JerseyCivilTrial Preparationandthe NewJersey StateBarSkills andMethodscourses.Denniswas a co-author of the OperatingManual forall NewJerseyCivilPresiding Judgesand served on thefacultiesofthe JudicialCollege andthe EssexCounty BarAssociation.

JudgeCarey's wife, Kathy, is ateacher in theLivingston School system.They have2 sons andfourgrandchildren.

Onceagain,the Committee urgesallmembers to bring their sons,relativesand friendsto theluncheon to celebrate ourIrishHeritage. Astheyearsgoby,our membershipagesand we tendtoforgetand take forgrantedthequalities andcharacteristicsthat areunique to theIrish. TheIrishpeoplehavemade significant contributions to this Country, which have benefited all Americans. The younger generationneedsto be exposed tothesequalitiesand their attendanceatthis luncheon will give themsuchan opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you on December 8, 2018

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